Fake - memories of pan

When Ofelia ( Ivana Baquero ) arrives at Captain Vidal's house, goes to shake his hand, and is gruffly told, "It's the other hand," that's a near-quotation from Charles Dickens' David Copperfield , when the young lad of the title meets his mother's soon-to-be-husband. Davey's stepfather turns out to be a cruel man, too, just like Captain Vidal (Sergi López).

I especially love cereal treats this time of year and I just couldn’t resist these Holly Crackles. They’re like Rice Krispies Treats but made with Cornflakes! And they obviously taste better because they’re green.

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Fake - Memories Of PanFake - Memories Of PanFake - Memories Of PanFake - Memories Of Pan