Various - something to dü

Later in 1983, Hüsker Dü released a short record that marked a huge shift: Metal Circus was their first for SST Records, the legendary California label run by Greg Ginn of Black Flag, one of the biggest hardcore bands in the country. On Metal Circus , Hart came into his own. He contributed two of his most indelible compositions: “It’s Not Funny Anymore” and “Diane.” The latter, eerily slow and sung in a desperate, heart-wrenching wail, was written from the point of view of Joseph Donald Ture, a serial killer responsible for the murder of a St. Paul woman named Diane Edwards. Savage Young Dü archives the band’s output before signing to SST, including the entirety of Land Speed Record and Everything Falls Apart , but it also includes a live performance of “Diane” from 1981. Frantic yet assured, it crystallizes Grant’s transition from hardcore screamer and basher to a songwriter with depth and subtlety. The way he sings his raw-throated refrain of “Diane / Diane / Diane,” it sounds like he could be chanting the word “dying” over and over.


The Turf Club has a main floor with a 350-person capacity, and hosts over 200 shows a year. The Clown Lounge, a 60-capacity sized room, has a small stage perfect for intimate events. 

Various - Something To DüVarious - Something To DüVarious - Something To DüVarious - Something To Dü